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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
+1 on relating to these cars. These cars are nothing like any of the cars that the manufacturers put on the road. DTM use to be much more interesting when they were allowed to basically put a production car on the track with modifications. It had much more interesting races with lots of passing.
These cars aren't even manufacturer prototypes. Prototypes would have lots of manufacturer specific technologies but these cars are very strictly specified by DTM. The transmission has no BMW, Audi or MB manufacturer properties as they are built by a third party specified by DTM racing series. All Electronics(ECU) are Bosch and all are identical. The engine all are more or less the same also. The brake system is supplied by a third party and all manufacturers use the same braking system.
All this leads to really lots of wind tunnel testing for extra power and also who has the better drivers.
IMO the touring series races of the past was much more interesting where manufacturers would build cars like the E30 M3 just to race in the series. It was much easier to relate to those cars than these DTM cars.
The only real BMW, Audi or MB parts on these cars are the lights and suspension.
Agree, that's why the DTM race becomes boring if no mistake or accident after the first few laps. Those cars can hardly pass each others unless major mistake made by another diver. The trick is to get good qualifying with leading positions. The cars look good though but personally I would prefer to watch GT and WTCC.