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Originally Posted by El_Duderino View Post
Huron River Dr - I haven't seen cops out there but have heard from others that they do hide around bends/dips/etc occasionally.

Pick up a Valentine One stat if you haven't gotten one already.
I actually had a V1 for about 4 years, but eventually grew sick of the CONSTANT noise it made due to automatic door openers on X and K band. I picked up a Passport 9500ix and, while it doesn't have the arrows, it still has excellent sensitivity, is incredible high tech and user customizable. The ability to lock out false signals via GPS is so great, and I don't get a single beep on known routes unless it's a cop.

It would be great if Valentine would update their 20-year-old design, but until then, I'm sticking with the excellent 9500ix. Had it hardwired into the 335i with a remote display/mute button (can be used to manually lock out false signals if you dont want the unit to do it automatically).

I'm hoping the trim around the E93 windshield will allow a similar installation in the M.

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