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Originally Posted by xfirer1guy View Post
So I performed "0" research because I didnt know it it lacked a dipstick. Research is part of my daily professional job pal. Why do you talk of things which you know "0" about?

Forums would be a lot less trashed if people who had knowledge were the only ones answering questions. I realize that means you wouldn't be speaking much at all, but still.

I moved from a different forum thinking its a BMW, they'll be more grown up over there. I realize, there are more wise guys here than any forum I've been on. Opinionated is more the appropriate word. I don't care what your OPINION is, give me the facts. Im an engineer and thats how I do my work. Facts and details, no bs or maybe this or that, or you should that!! Would you want me designing the seat belt system for your car if a guy like you was on the other end giving me the design parameters.

Less is more!!
Lol. Good luck.

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