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Originally Posted by Llando88 View Post
Maybe people would be more helpful if the OP didn't curse.

Maybe people would be more helpful if the OP appeared to have done more than zero research before buying a $70K car.

Maybe people would be more helpful if the OP had done a search before asking a question.

I get your point, just saying there are two sides to it.

OP - BMW engines have not come with a dipstick since approximately 2006/7. The answer to your question is above in post #3
So I performed "0" research because I didnt know it it lacked a dipstick. Research is part of my daily professional job pal. Why do you talk of things which you know "0" about?

Forums would be a lot less trashed if people who had knowledge were the only ones answering questions. I realize that means you wouldn't be speaking much at all, but still.

I moved from a different forum thinking its a BMW, they'll be more grown up over there. I realize, there are more wise guys here than any forum I've been on. Opinionated is more the appropriate word. I don't care what your OPINION is, give me the facts. Im an engineer and thats how I do my work. Facts and details, no bs or maybe this or that, or you should that!! Would you want me designing the seat belt system for your car if a guy like you was on the other end giving me the design parameters.

Less is more!!