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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Thanks for actually helping the OP. While the other dip shits, I mean dip sticks offer nothing of value as usual. Everyone wants to talk shit. No one wants to help. 90% of the fools posting rude remarks on this forum are the trust fund college kids that had mommy and daddy lease it for them. So they have nothing better to do.

To the OP. I understand your frustration. I wondered the same thing when I first got mine too. And not having a dipstick is a joke. The computer takes forever to tell you and it changes each time I look it.
Ha.. Finally some one else who owns an M because they are a "gear head" and not because its a BMW. Anyone who is a gear head understands why a dipstick is a must. If you dont understand the need, you dont deserve to drive a performance car.

Yeah the indicator is cool, but no interaction with the motor. It would suck to drain the oil only to find its new. Damnit, this shouldn't be an issue!