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Originally Posted by Jason
Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
I'm starting to believe that BMW is extremely aware this current gen car is very, very good. Great even. This reason is why I think BMW is offering absolutely nothing in the way of a true "special edition" car because they in NO WAY want to detract from the upcoming version.
Good luck BMW, I hope this all works out and that next gen car better be damn good. Excuse me, great.

They are As we found out at the NY auto show, demand for the M3 coupe/convertible was running at 4 times the supply.
The problem is its all bs until ppl get credit or can cough up cash to buy. Demand at 4 times production also means my car just went up in value which we all no thats not true. So statements about supply and demand from autoshows and surveys are all fluff normally.