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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
I'm starting to believe that BMW is extremely aware this current gen car is very, very good. Great even. This reason is why I think BMW is offering absolutely nothing in the way of a true "special edition" car because they in NO WAY want to detract from the upcoming version.
Good luck BMW, I hope this all works out and that next gen car better be damn good. Excuse me, great.
My sense is that, since it's still selling well (and demand even exceeds supply), there is nothing that BMW feels it *needs* to do to encourage sales. So nothing they would need to add.

I think BMW M still wants to bring out special, limited edition(s) models for the end. But I think they will be offered at the end of the cycle run. I also wouldn't be surprised at an announcement at the M Festival later this month. Scott26 has hinted at that a couple of times.

But I'm not waiting any longer. I've already waited long enough.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
No doubt

Another example: no price premium for V10 E60 M5. NA + more cylinders doesn't bring a premium over just more power, performance and refinement of the replacement model.
Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Not much. Values are already low, secondhand cars into $30k's now.
I don't think the E90/92 M3s will have any increased value for being the last NA and only V8. I think once the new model comes out and reviewers talk about how much better it is than the current model, almost everyone will jump ship.

That said, i do think that end of cycle models, such as the 05 and 06 E46 M3s may be perhaps a little more sought after due to the fact that the general consensus is that they're the most-bug-free, most sorted out of that generation. Especially when they have desired options that were introduced towards the end, like the competition package (whether or not the E9X generation competition package actually is deserving of the greater interest - there's just that perception and why you have jokes like "Civic M3" when M3s don't have it).

Originally Posted by mofbb View Post
Any information for Canada ??
Not that I'm aware of. My dealer is supposed to email me the info once it becomes available for Canada. He knows I'm keenly waiting for it so we can put my specs into the system ASAP.
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