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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Anyone found a good way to mask this stuff without it tearing or stretching it when you take the tape off?
The only way is to mask it and then spray a thick coating and then peel the tape off BEFORE it has a chance to dry. That's what I did to my front and rear emblems over the blue parts.

I imagine that if you want to do a nice multi-layer job you can spray then peel the tape off before it dries and continue that same process carefully masking the same area/s each time. Might be a PITA but I think you would get a better result than the think layer which is holding up just fine in my case but the edges aren't perfect.

Now on the other hand, if you're talking about dipping the emblems etc., you don't mask them too close. Leave a nice inch or so around them and spray the whole thing. Then the dip just peels off the paint and around the emblems like magic.