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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Curious to hear if anybody chimes in. They look like a blast and seem to be relatively safe. I can't imagine it would be as expensive as what you list for annual costs for your RS.
Well, the M3 was not much cheaper either on the track. Just checked my records and in 2010 I had two sets of BFG-R1 for the M3, about $2500, 4 sets of front and two sets of rear pads $2200, two flush of SRF $160, 1 set of new front disks $1100, 3 alignment on the front $210 (brake heat melted the wheel weight off, even though taped than later glued etc
The difference is that GT3RS pads and tires are more expensive. (pads last longer than in the M3!!)
The radical runs on cheaper 15-16 inch wheels, tires somewhat less, I do not know how long pads would last, but it is a light car. My main issue is with maintenance I had never needed before, like trans rebuild, or something i have never even heard before.
By the way nothing is cheaper on the track than the mazda MX-5. Went out with the GT3RS and due to the rain stopped (no street tire) my wife came by I tracked her miata. It was FUN!! big time. I was really thinking about to get rid of the GT3RS, get something more comfortable P-car and have a dedicated miata for track use. Then I would miss the speed, I am sure. But the Radical seems like a good solution if it is not riddled with unknown to me issues.