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My reasoning about the Radical is that I run the GT3RS now on the track exclusively. Almost no street driving at all. Mainly because of the flashiness of the P-car. So if it is only for track why to keep a $140K car, why not to get something even more dedicated but cheaper? I know the maintenance may be more expensive, but who knows. Thats why I started this thread. By the way the GT3RS is not cheap to maintain. Tires, usually two sets/year about 3K, pads for the stupid PCCB about 2k/year, rear susp modd, etc. So it adds up, not to count crakced windshield and other tear and wear items, or changing the PCCB to steal.
Unfortunately very few people has first hand experience with the Radical SR3. Will visit Spring Mountain and drive it there, but that's just about how the car drives not about true maintenance issues.