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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
You're right, I apologize. I mistakenly assumed that since the tools had already been discussed by multiple parties who use different ones, that it would be passable to reach out for an explanation on the topic. I was out of line, and I'll refrain from commenting on anything and everything not having to do with 231E software on this thread from hereon out. Sorry about that M3PO, good to see that you're getting great results with the up to date on software.

A software question if I may, I always thought that tuning was reprogramming the car with a whole new map, but is it actually just adding changes/corrections that stack onto the pre-existing map? So like, is the newer 231E stock tune just so improved that it's near a tuned 2008's performance? Or does tuning a 2008's ECU cause a different result than tuning a 231E programmed ECU?

Like I see on M3PO's dyno chart that he has multiple runs, including stock 2008 and 231E, then Evolve tuned 2008 and 231E. Does that mean he had a Evolve tuned 2008 map and a Evolve tuned 231E? Or does that mean that the Evolve tuning is the "same" in each instance and the difference is in his 2008 map and the 231E map? Hope my question makes some sort of sense, maybe Evolve can chime in.
No worries.. not a big deal sir. Just want to keep it on track if possible.

To answer your questions:
There are many 'maps' in every factory calibration. The file sizes for all software versions are exactly the same. There is the same amount of 'data'. The 'data' area in the M3 is 128KB, and the full Program plus data (calibration) area is just over 5MB. Granted a portion of these areas are filled with FF (filler) values to maintain the proper file size.

When you get a software tune, specific maps are modified based on what the tuner wants to do. There are maps for fueling, timing, vanos, knock sensitivity, etc... Expanding on this further there are part throttle fuel maps, full throttle fuel maps, timing aim maps at part throttle, timing at full throttle, etc... There are tons and tons of maps - I would be here all day if I listed them all.

The OP started with 100E software which is factory BMW software. Sal tuned it, and gained some power by modifying these 'maps'.

Then the OP had newer 231E software fitted, which is also factory BMW software. There was a serious power gain between this and the old version. In fact, the gain was greater than with what was gained from the 100E software with the modified 'tuned' maps.

The final stage was modifying the 231E software to include the 'tuned' maps.

Now, between software versions (at least the later ones as I have no reason to poke around in 80E or 100E and would never use these as a base for a tune) it appears that the map data is the same for the most part. This means that the NON map locations in the DME (meaning the actual program code or 'operating system' per se) of the DME was most likely modified by BMW between versions. The gain that was had could be directly attributed to such changes. 231E might simply be harder to extract power from, because it's a much better starting point than previous versions. It makes more power to begin with, modifying the maps in the same way doesn't appear to achieve the same gain.

I hope this clears up any confusion, let me know if there is anything else I can help clarify. I tried to simplify the explanation as much as possible.

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