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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Let's please keep this thread on topic - there is no reason to discuss tools anymore. If I recall correctly I think I coded your racing seats awhile back
You're right, I apologize. I mistakenly assumed that since the tools had already been discussed by multiple parties who use different ones, that it would be passable to reach out for an explanation on the topic. I was out of line, and I'll refrain from commenting on anything and everything not having to do with 231E software on this thread from hereon out. Sorry about that M3PO, good to see that you're getting great results with the up to date on software.

A software question if I may, I always thought that tuning was reprogramming the car with a whole new map, but is it actually just adding changes/corrections that stack onto the pre-existing map? So like, is the newer 231E stock tune just so improved that it's near a tuned 2008's performance? Or does tuning a 2008's ECU cause a different result than tuning a 231E programmed ECU?

Like I see on M3PO's dyno chart that he has multiple runs, including stock 2008 and 231E, then Evolve tuned 2008 and 231E. Does that mean he had a Evolve tuned 2008 map and a Evolve tuned 231E? Or does that mean that the Evolve tuning is the "same" in each instance and the difference is in his 2008 map and the 231E map? Hope my question makes some sort of sense, maybe Evolve can chime in.

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