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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Please take the bring yourself up to date on Autologic's website:

Autologic is the only licensed 3rd party provider of BMW diagnostic tools I'm aware of. Most serious brick and mortar repair facilities will have one with accompanying hardware (power supply for voltage stabilization, OPS head for MOST programming, etc) in order to program. There is a yearly subscription fee in order to get updates, which are needed to keep current as updates/fixes are provided from BMW.

Autologic is also capable of updating/coding individual modules, which dealerships cannot do.

The game changes on new BMWs F-chassis BMWs are ethernet based. There's Byteflight. The list goes on. Autologic works closely with BMW and has a competently understanding of these tools and software, which is also used on its GUI. As stated before, it's dealer equivalent, with the addition of failsafes to minimize programming failures or use corrective measures to keep failures from appearing at all.

Another other option is to purchase authentic diagnostic hardware yourself and pay the $2500/year subscription fee through BMW's TIS program:

Otherwise, most coding is performed via leaked/pirated versions of BMW software and Chinese ICOM/DCAN systems. A number of these pieces can be found on eBay, with subpar reliability rates.

Either will do the job, but all have one thing in common - they are merely tools.

The above-mentioned methods are completely worthless unless the individual using them knows how to use it, and what corrective measures to take when he (or others) makes a mistake in order to correct it. If you're in a jam, you need to know what it takes to correct it - and mistakes happen from time to time in any field.

I'm sure you're happy with Mike's services and that's perfectly fine. But please don't discredit a system, field or procedure you have completely no understanding about.
Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
The Autologic is more capable than the dealer equipment is in many cases. I am not saying it is BETTER, but it is more capable, easier to use and cheaper to obtain. I can tell you this, I use it all the time.

Perpetuating information on this forum that the Autologic is not a dealer tool and therefor it should not be used isn't helpful to anyone here. It is a great tool, and behind dealer equipment (if you can afford and obtain the real thing and not the replica crap that is readily available for 1200 all over the internet), it is the only other tool we BMW guys trust.

Of course you're gonna defend the only tool you use, that's natural. Just not sure of the claims you wanna make about it.

I'm glad it works for you. I would prefer the use of the dealer tools as opposed to the Autologic if they are available. That's just personal preference I guess. You're awfully defensive about it though.