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I most likely would've kept my E90 M3 if I wasn't looking for a bigger car, but since I was going to get a Highlander, I wanted to have a fun weekend/track car. And, totally agree with everyone that in terms of versatility, M3 is def the car to beat. But, if one wants absolute performance, GT3 really is in another league. Would I ever want to DD the GT3, hell no... but will I miss the 6mt E90 M3? no. Will i miss the 2011 DCT E93 M3, for sure.

Vin, I was working with Jack Daniels on this car for 3-4 weeks. It's still under Porsche CPO, therefore, they did a bunch of repairs and maintenance stuff for me prior to purchase. Overall, I am extremely happy with it.
why will you miss the e93 but not the e90?
E93: dct, vert in SoCal which is awesome, plus did an ED with the car

E90: 6mt, hated the clutch and gear ratios, especially 1st and 2nd