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Originally Posted by Raptor251 View Post
It just sound like you are not applying it properly as I was able to have it turn out with a smooth finish. With a good thick coat it peels right off. As for cleaning I just spray on a little simple green and hose them off for a perfect finish every time.
This. Yes it's not "smooth" as say, a painted wheel but the versatility of this stuff is insane. I for one like that my wheels have a texture that makes them look carbon.

As far as the cleaning goes, Raptor is correct. You should never even have to touch them. Spray with SG (love SG btw) and then hose off. Simple. In my case I have been using my power washer being very careful of edges etc. Works like a charm.

I do agree that it can be a real bitch to get off IF you don't have a thick enough coating but this is also easily overcome by simply NOT peeling at all and just rubbing it with a micro fiber towel. It's not like your wheel will get damaged and the product flies off then. I had some overspray when I did my wifes emblems and I just rubbed gently with the micro... gone! (Would have taken forever to try to peel it)