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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
I dont know guys.... Ive used this stuff a couple times in the past but I thought it looked "cheap". I guess I can see using it for a smaller sized item (emblem, grill, vent), but doing your wheel in it? I think I would pass. The texture on it is not smooth at all. Its like really really bad orange peel. You cant touch it with a terry or micro fiber towel because it will leave lint all over it. Peeling it off is NOT as easy as some make it sound. Some items would probably peel much easier than others, but peeling a wheel would take hours! Its very coarse so I highly doubt hosing them off is going to remove brake dust. And being that you cant really wash it without risking damaging it makes me wonder why even bother? Trust me, sooner or later its going to chip or tear and your going to have to do the whole item over again. And if its a wheel, then you will probably have to do all 4 again because the color will fade over time and or brake dust is going to discolor the paint. So having one touched up wheel is going to stand out over the other older 3. This stuff is a shortcut. Its fun and all, but it doesn't hold up forever and while it can peel off, its just looks tacky... In more ways than one.

It just sound like you are not applying it properly as I was able to have it turn out with a smooth finish. With a good thick coat it peels right off. As for cleaning I just spray on a little simple green and hose them off for a perfect finish every time.