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Bolts coming loose post spacer install...?

I purchased a new set of RS Technik wheels spacers (15/12mm) and installed them on El-Superbeasto myself. I followed the advice on the forum about cleaning the mating surfaces, adding light film of anti-seize, and used a torque wrench @90ftlbs in a star pattern to torque everything down. As per my usual habits, I checked the torque (car on ground) a few miles later and found that almost every bolt (16-18 of 20) were loose. Ok... So torqued everything down again, remember to check in a few days. Did that, and same thing. About the same number of bolts moved some near a 1/4 turn! That's about when I became concerned. I spend some time driving on the autobahn at 200+KPH routinely.

Why would these bolts continue to lose torque? I did notice that the bolts that came with the spacers had a sub-par paint job on them. They all chipped off during install. Could this be a sign of poor quality bolts? Any input? I almost feel like it would be safer to remove them. And to top it off, there is NO vibration which was my biggest initial concern...
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