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Originally Posted by amitkhas View Post
thanks for sharing!

i also live in the boston area, and have noticed a distinct trend of crappy audi salespeople. They are usually very arrogant.

nonetheless, that's pretty gutsy to buy a car that expensive without even a test drive.

their crappy sales people is prob the main reason i went bmw over audi when i bought my car last year.
This must be a trend with Audi dealerships everywhere. I went to a local Dallas/Ft. Worth area dealership and got treated like a second rate customer. I wanted to look at a new S4 and the salesman told me they only let serious customers drive new S4s and I could sit in a used S4 if I wanted. I'm not sure what dictates a serious customer, but I ended up buying a new car two weeks later and it wasn't an Audi.