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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
How is it "pretty clear the law is an unconstitutional joke", when it's been in effect in Massachusetts for years, with absolutely no legal opposition? And nobody's gonna get imprisoned, jeez if no one went to jail for the thousands of troops who died in Iraq for WMDs, then this certainly will get a pass.
simply put, its a state VS. federal right, it would and is unconstitutional for the federal government to pass a mandate like this. States can constitutionally pass things like this from the federal govs point of view, it would depend on the states constitution. I seriously disagree with any state doing such a thing, however it is within rights again assuming it has nothing in its personal constitution that says otherwise.

thats why i feel bad for that lawyer defending the bill. He knew he wasnt going to be able to win the case but it was his job to try...