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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Thanks for posting that video review. Actually one of the better reviews I have seen for the car.
Don't thank me, it was rfx45 who posted it first.

Except for the performance measurements which seem to be taken by reading the speedometer directly (they don't account for the speedo error, hence the lower values) I think it's the best review of the Toyobaru so far - both the journalist and Randy Pobst seem to have nailed it!

By comparing Randy Pobst's view on both the Toyobaru and the 1M we come to realize what he values the most in a car from a race driver perspective (which I think is common to every other race car driver):

Turn-in ability!!!

Essentially, that's the reason why he hated the 1M and what modern Bimmers are still lacking (M3 included, albeit in a less extent).

That's also the reason why when the engine is moved from the front to the middle or the rear of the car you instantly start to appreciate what a huge difference it makes when you drive the likes of Porsches, Lotus and so on... their turn-in ability, that is!

Finally, that's the reason why the much lower center of gravity of the Toyobaru's engine is such an important feature and what really makes the difference (like in the RX-8)... it can GREATLY compensate for the suboptimal front engine placement in a track car (drifting is other story though!).

Therefore, I don't have any doubts in saying that the Toyobaru is a much better track car than the 1M... now, just imagine a torquier engine under that bonnet!

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