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I didn't sleep at all last night. When my friend Dave and I got to the PDC. It was up front in the main lobby. I didn't touch because it had a sign that said Customers Car don't touch! I knew it was mine because it had TX tag on it and was the only M3.

We took some pictures then straight to the instruction. Then braking and the road course. We were in a Blue DCT with Conti tires. Man that thing was fun. They moved us up front because we were lapping up on the others in the group. The car is amazing! Power, Grip and Balance!

We went to the skid pad and moved
to a new 3 series. Great car! I spun it around so quick. We then did a ride in the M5 drifting around the track!

X5 to the factory! You can watch the videos of production on YouTube but they don't do it justice. It's quite the engineering feat! Props to BMW USA!

X5 back to PDC on the off road. Then was lunch which was very good! I even ate carrots which would make
my wife proud!

Next was delivery. The group gathered to split off in the lobby around my M3 and were asking lots of questions and admiring it, which really made me feel it was such a special car! I'm positive they saw how fast and loud it was on the course. Then an in depth overview of the car and features. I've been waiting since Feb and learning about the car. But I picked up some things I didn't know.

We then did the museum and pulled up right onto the front of the factory for Picts.

Everyone at BMW has been top notch and friendly! Andy, Ray and Willie at PCD are the best! Any other way to get a car is bland. I would love to do EU, but I'd also do this again!

Every down shift has brought a huge smile to my face. I highly recommend the experience over dealer pickup! Everyone says that and it is true! Very special intro to your new car experience.

It will fit nicely next to my 1995 4runner 4x4 5sp man, I ordered new and have put 300k miles on and love just as much!