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Using the modified jack stands....

Jack stand manufacturers pretty much recommend using jack stands in pairs. Not one, not three, not four, just two.

Chock the two wheels that remain on the ground.

Use the jack stands in the lowest possible position for a given job. The lower they are the more stable they are.

After the blocks are installed it's easier to raise the jack stands into the jack points then it is to lower the car onto the jack stands. Actually, you have to do a little of both. If you raise the car high, and position the jack stands with say 3" between the jack stand saddle and the jack point, it's unlikely that the jack points will line up with the block on the jack stand as the car is lowered. It's much better to raise the jack stands to within a 1/4" of the bottom of the jack point pocket and then just lower the car that final 1/4". You may need to try this a few times before you get the car positioned to the correct height. The jack stands have to be low enough to clear the rim of the jack point and then they can only be adjusted in 25mm increments.

The Torin T43004 jack stand is a little more flexible than other similar jack stand models since the bolt attaching the outer tube to the base does not interfere with the inner tube. In effect there is one more lower position on the Torin brand. Since it can be used without the locking pins. This comes in handy when you are raising the jack stand into the jack point pocket. It means that you can use the stands with the pin in the lowest position whereas the other brands of these aluminum jack stands can only be used in the second lowest position.