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Modified jack stands for BMW jack points with integrated vehicle jack pocket

Reverse Logic Limited now offers Torin T43004 aluminum jack stands with jack stand blocks which will fit directly into the jack points on BMW chassis. The jack stands will also fit MINI, late model Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan GT-R jack points.

The price of $109.95/pair includes shipping to any destination in the USA. For forum members who already have a set of the Torin (or equivalent) aluminum jack stands we also sell the powder coated aluminum blocks separately with M10x1.5 bolts for $31.95/pair including shipping. It's necessary to drill a 10mm hole into the saddle of the jack stands to use the blocks.

Supporting the car from inside the vehicle jack pockets avoids damaging the jack points on BMW, Mercedes and Nissan GT-R chassis which have integrated vehicle jack pockets in the jack points.

Updated 08-Dec-2013: Reverse Logic expanded its line of jack stand products to include the standard ESCO 10498 jack stands and a custom version ESCO 10499 model. The 10499 model is shorter than the 10498 stands and works well with low ground clearance cars. In 2014 we will offer an optional post for the ESCO stands which has a block that has the same dimensions as the block on our modified Torin Stands. An important difference between the 10498 and 10499 stands is that the 10499 stands have two positioning holes int he outer tube. This allows for 7 different heights. The increment for the adjustments on the 10499 stand are 15mm or 35mm since the holes in the outer tube are about 35mm apart and the holes in the post are about 50mm apart.

Updated 08-May-2014: Reverse Logic is now shipping the custom posts for ESCO 10498/10499 jack stands. Photo shown is with 10498 model.

The table below compares the three jack stand models which are available for sale at this link.
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