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The thing with Randy Pobst he doesn't have a bias against BMW's, I have seen review and praise the M3. He genuinely didn't like the 1M and had very good reasons why. No one can doubt this review, not even the wanna-be race car journalist that wish they had his racing pedigree. The day he was reviewing the 1M, he was getting in and out of some of best cars in the world
Precisely! That's why his enthusiastic opinion about the Toyobaru was so meaningful...

How could I not like the guy?!

Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
As for Chris leaving EVO, I believe it was because of money.
It is always about money... the one you want and the one you don't!

PS: As a 1M owner who doesn't see it as a track car I understand every single word of Randy Pobst's view about the 1M. And, I just love the car for it.

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