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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
It wasn't meant to imply that his comment was racist, it was just a sarcastic way of saying "thank you for explaining simple things for me because you think I'm an idiot". That's why I used a phrase that seems complimentary on the surface, but really isn't; just as his comment seemed helpful, but was really condescending.
The "take our country back" crap, and the "real America", and the claim that he's "leftist and radical" (he's moderate), that's racist.
Wow. Huge chip on your shoulder much ?

Gotta say, that is quite literally the most disingenuous excuse I have heard in my entire life. You must really think everyone else on this forum is very naive to take your statement at face value.

IF you really wanted to sarcastically thank someone for explaining something to you, with the implication that you are thought to be an idiot, there are many other phrases that would have conveyed that idea without the associated baggage that race brings with it.
You could have said "How very helpful of you", or "How very supportive" or any other number of things.

To say "How very white" pretty blatantly suggests that only caucasians are capable of being condescending or insulting when purporting to assist someone they feel is intellectually beneath them. My experience on this planet so far proves to me that such an undesirable trait is hardly limited to people of any one race.

You think that calling Obama "leftist and radical" is a racist statement? Seriously? Have you ever seen any photos of Karl Marx?
I suppose if that is true, then white Parisians who make derogatory remarks about their new socialist leader (who happens to share the same skin color as them) are all racist as well then.

Wow.... I give up, man. You can't reason someone out of a position they didnt reason themselves into.