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Originally Posted by EvosM3 View Post
Apparently Obama is the firs world leader who wants to meet with the socialist French president Hollande. And why wouldn't he? They're both socialists, both are academics who have never worked a real job in their life and both are going to screw up the countries they are running! While America has never had a socialist president (maybe FDR) before Obama, France has. The last one was a disgrace to France when they elected him 30 years ago and they're so stupid they think this one will be any better. Haha, they deserve to get what's coming their way for voting this guy in. Already the rich (those making €150,000 or more because that's so much money) are beginning to flee the stupid country and going to England across the river.
So meeting with a socialist leader is bad, but meeting with communist and terrorist leaders is ok? How retarded.

And please tell me, how is Obama a socialist, how is a lawyer not a real job, and how is our country being screwed up?