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Originally Posted by Sidney View Post
Low S&G.

Time to stop taking the high ground. You accuse everyone here who disagrees with you of spewing tea party rhetoric. Then you spew - ok insinuate - the exact counter liberal doctrine. Including the liberal fall back: "disagree with Obama, must be racist". Such bullshit. Hoity-toity bullshit.
It wasn't meant to imply that his comment was racist, it was just a sarcastic way of saying "thank you for explaining simple things for me because you think I'm an idiot". That's why I used a phrase that seems complimentary on the surface, but really isn't; just as his comment seemed helpful, but was really condescending.

By the way, the only people who have ever said that "if you disagree with Obama you're racist" are conservatives trying to speak for liberals. That's not to say that there's not a lot of racism out there, as well as claims of all sorts of reasons that we voted for the guy other than the real reason. But most liberals can distinguish racism from partisanship or ideology differences. The "take our country back" crap, and the "real America", and the claim that he's "leftist and radical" (he's moderate), that's racist.