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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
It is now clear to me that EVO had a hidden agenda when they published the above mentioned article and it's another sad example of what has become a biased publication (and maybe here lies the reason why Chris Harris left EVO).

In that article one can read the following:

While it was pretty unfair to compare such different performance to start with the argument was that both cars belong to the same price bracket so EVO got a point there.

What is not acceptable though is the fact that the numbers are wrong because Subaru automatic transmission BRZ does 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds, while the manual transmission BRZ does it in just 7.6 seconds and EVO's whatever conclusions about the test should always have had this in mind.

So, they are in fact comparing a car capable of 6.0s from 0-62mph to a car not able to do it in less than 8.2 sec. That's a HUGE difference (let alone the absent journalism accuracy!!!).

And, to better understand the real meaning of these performance figures just take note that the automatic transmission BRZ hits 62mhp still in 2nd gear thus making one gear shift less and yet it is slower, more than half second, than its manual transmission counterpart.

@ 7450 rpm (rev limiter) in 2nd gear the AT BRZ does 59.2 mph * (2.188/2.06) = 62.9 mph
Anyone buying an automatic BRZ should be shot.

Matter of fact they shouldn't sell it in auto.