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Yeah, that was what I was saying. The shift firmness needs to match the driving style or else you get into clunky land on the higher modes. Again my thought was that this kind of low rpm driving without adaquate throttle to get smooth(er) shifts is probably being done by some and could be the reason it was made unavailable to the M button rather than it being the shifts at higher rpms and loads where it actually shifts more smoothly. I don't know this, its just a thought.

As to DCS traction control by any name can engage pretty much whenever they do or don't want it in any amount on any car so there is no reason they could not have allowed some scratch on shifts or completely disable it momentarily with a kick in for yaw (potential loss of control) if it follows the scratch. It is strictly a programming choice and in no way a limitation of the system. I'm saying this also pointed at the post before yours BTW. For an example in a corvette you can do slides, burn outs, etc while in comp mode and still have traction control backing you up if things get too lurid. IMO there is little doubt about the ability of DCS to handle S6. It could have been incorporated into the MDM mode but was not and I believe this came down to a choice, not capability.
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