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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
If you follow the guideline of refilling the diff until the fluid leaks out of the drain'll get a little bit of normal leakage. The amount should be very small and shouldn't amount to more than staining.

If the E9X design is like the E46...for those who go to the track, you'll be changing those seals everytime you climb under the car. If you see the design of the seal, there is a spring on the side of the opening for the output flange. That spring holds the seal against the flange which creates the seal. That spring is not super tight and won't prevent all seepage. It does prevent your diff fluid from pouring out.
So you saying on the e46 some seepage is then this would necessitate periodically topping off diff oil?..

I have been under my diff countless times and its dry as a bone..hopefully the e92 is immune from this