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Our GT Motoring side of the business has had some issues with reliable supply and communication after loosing one of our employees that delt with this part of the business and has caused us some problems in this area unfortunately. Per my agreement with James at ACG if your items didn't arrive this week we would just issue you a full refund. I also informed James that we would no longer be looking to take on any more jdm direct importing as we don't have the proper staffing or time allocated to do it in a manor that is fair to them or their customer. Our other dealers we import for frequently have been told the same recently as well. We had some tough time keeping up with communication and returned calls/messages a bit while we moved to a new larger location as well as had to change phone numbers due to moving into a new area code part of the chicago region. We have done the best we could to keep up during that time. Fortunately we are all moved into the new place now.

Did we offer proper service to ACG in this case? I would agree, no

And of course you know we are still in business as I have emailed/talked to both James and Peter at ACG in the past week or so as well as taking care of their other current orders and given them recent update on that.

Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
I have ordered Powerhouse Amuse GT1 CF wing, 370Z Ti exhaust and Ti harness bar thru ACG San Diego back in July 2011. The ACG order was thru GTM.
I have checked with ACG every 2 weeks for update since Oct. 2011. I'm always told by ACG that Greg@GTM couldn't get any update.
In the beginning of Feb. 2012, I finally received an update for Amuse GT1 wing and Ti harness bar were in, and they were asking if I wanted to wait for the exhaust then ship them altogether or just ship the wing and the bar first. I told them to ship whatever they have first because I had been waiting long enough. Then they disappeared. No phone call, wouldn't pick up our calls, no update, no reply to email, no reply to voicemail.

Until last week, I had James@ACG called GTM until they picked up the phone. So finally we got another promise for the wing and the bar would be out on 4/30. Then we received a Fedex tracking number for the parts, which is #374048415011572. However, no surprise, BS like as usual. All we got right now is a tracking with no shipment.

In fact, I started my own business back in Nov. 2011, every time when I ordered Amuse stuff would only take me 1 month by freight or 2 month by sea. I don't know what's going on with guys at GTM.
Anyone has placed orders with them recently? Did they pick up your phone? Did you get your the products that paid for?

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