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Thumbs down GTM/ GT Motoring / Challenge product delays

I have ordered Powerhouse Amuse GT1 CF wing, 370Z Ti exhaust and Ti harness bar thru ACG San Diego back in July 2011. The ACG order was thru GTM.
I have checked with ACG every 2 weeks for update since Oct. 2011. I'm always told by ACG that Greg@GTM couldn't get any update.
In the beginning of Feb. 2012, I finally received an update for Amuse GT1 wing and Ti harness bar were in, and they were asking if I wanted to wait for the exhaust then ship them altogether or just ship the wing and the bar first. I told them to ship whatever they have first because I had been waiting long enough. Then they disappeared. No phone call, wouldn't pick up our calls, no update, no reply to email, no reply to voicemail.

Until last week, I had James@ACG called GTM until they picked up the phone. So finally we got another promise for the wing and the bar would be out on 4/30. Then we received a Fedex tracking number for the parts, which is #374048415011572. However, no surprise, BS like as usual. All we got right now is a tracking with no shipment.

In fact, I started my own business back in Nov. 2011, every time when I ordered Amuse stuff would only take me 1 month by freight or 2 month by sea. I don't know what's going on with guys at GTM.
Anyone has placed orders with them recently? Did they pick up your phone? Did you get your the products that paid for?