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Originally Posted by bbenj10 View Post
I'm definitely interested in this, anyone have experience running these in VA? It sounds like it takes some practice to get these to JTG without making the LEO think you're up to something.
I honestly wouldn't JTG them if you're getting hit. JTG is just there in case the officer lets you pass first and then hits you in the rear or something. Plus JTG is the best a jammer can achieve and this jammer achieves it for most if not all of the laser guns the police use.

The way to most effectively use a jammer and to not be suspicious is when you get hit you slow down to the speed limit and then turn them off so the cop can get a reading. But by that time you are already at speed limit when the cop got the reading. They won't think much of it if they do get a reading. But if you JTG and drive by them then something may be up.