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Originally Posted by f32458 View Post
Hey folks,

I have a 2011 E90. I never really enjoy looking at my car from rear. I like
E92 better. The car is a dd I know sedan will be more versatile and more practical. The thing is I use the rear doors to put my stuff, food, bags, I hardly have a 3rd person in my car. Whenever I see an e92 m3. I just think damn it looks more aggressive and more like a M3. Sporty lines and sporty rear. There are way too many E90. Maybe I should just wait for F32.
Way too many E90?! Where do you live because around here there's 5 E92's to every E90. And even less in the 6MT

I personally like the rear end but if you don't need the extra room to haul people around then get whatever makes you happy.