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Originally Posted by Michael5155
Originally Posted by txz4 View Post

your talking about...

your married to...

I doubt that this information will be read and understood by you to the extent that it should, but i however feel i should nonetheless put it forth.
The condescending close to your post prompts me to point out your sophomoric misuse of the word "your." Actually I learned this in fifth grade, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. We all make spelling errors when typing responses. But a person of your high intellect, who is imparting such profound information that even ignoramuses like us won't understand, needs to learn how to correctly use the contraction "you're." Please make note of this next time you're (correct use of the contraction) vomiting your (correct use of the word) opinions.
I find it so amusing when liberals try to show they're better than others simply because they feel more intelligent and superior because they are better at writing. Well sorry, but not all of us wasted our time and money on useless liberal arts courses in college. While it annoys me when people don't use the correct form of words, I don't feel compelled to correct their grammar by using complex words and sentences just to seem smart.