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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
1) Why do you care how many M3's there are in your area? What matters is if you like the car or not. Those are just potential buddies/enthusiasts you haven't met yet. Mod your M3 and make it YOUR M3 and no one else will have YOUR M3 in your area.
That is true. Strange thing to complain about. It's just that it seemed like most of our over-abundance of E92 M3s are driven by young Chinese guys in university or even high school. To them, the M3 is simply "that most expensive 2-doors BMW." Their parents, buying SUVs, end up with X5Ms because it's "the most expensive BMW SUV." Not a good start, eh.

I'm not that young now, but I'm a Chinese guy, so I get "that look" from others sometimes....

As for meeting enthusiasts, I'm a card-carrying member of the BMW Car Club of BC, going onto my 5th year. I'm set on that front.

Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
2) If you make a thread like this, to get opinions from people you don't know who own M3's, it's clear that you shouldn't get the car.
I actually appreciated many of the comments posted in reply, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought both cars CAN be compared to each other. Perhaps some have even gone onto the extended CTS-V test drives that GM offered down in the US.

Finally, maybe this thread is a sanity check, to make sure that I'm not a total idiot to even contemplate such a move. Looks like, maybe no nuthouse for me just yet....