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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Wait a minute, I never said that. I said that the raw dollar amount is meaningless, only the percentage has meaning.

Does a two trillion dollar increase sound like a lot? Well, during the Reagan era, it represented a tripling of the debt, but today, it would be 13 percent. How is this not clear? And why would I have to explain this to you?
^the prosecution rests.....

Honestly though, i think it would do you good to go back and read the "zeitgeist of the Fed" thread. It will explain much of what and why to you and regardless of whether you agree with what i say in there or not, it would do you good to read through the conversation. The first video is junk (zeitgeist) the other money masters videos are good, but far too long.

In short, look at it this way. While the percentages your talking about are interesting, they are arbitrary. The reason they are arbitrary is simple: The debt is of ZERO importance to US in its own rite. However, others viewed our debt and decide what our fate will be based on this number and how they see this number changing (again, not percent year over year. total change). If you were right, and those percentages your married to really mattered, they would have downgraded us far sooner and far more times. Instead they waited until we hit a certain point, and started enacting and talking like we were going to enact, certain policies.

I doubt that this information will be read and understood by you to the extent that it should, but i however feel i should nonetheless put it forth.