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Originally Posted by MichaelMarsal View Post
I would use s6. I have driven a few m3's with DCT (granted the one i havedone the most laps in has 20 inch wheels on it which can affect the grip) but I Felt the downshifts were spot on in s6 mode. I would not think that the "more jerky" nature of the higher settings would affect the stability of the car on entry into a corner. The same goes for track out.
Thanks for your input. Very cool--we used to have Leh Keen on this forum until he sold his car for a GT3 RS, we may or may not have Ryan Dalziel on here (may be an impostor), and now we have you! It's great to get a pro's perspective on here. Try to check out the track/autocross section periodically so you can help sort the good info from the bad.