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Thanks Everyone

Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Hi Rolf, get in touch with Ted Bogle (Parts/Performance Mgr) at Budds and deal with him directly. He's pretty damned good at getting anything and pricing is always competitive.
Thanks Mark, I will do that and see how I make out.

BTW, we had a nice meet and cruse this past weekend (you may have read about it in the Canada Sub-Forum (Oakville, Toronto then Sandbank National Park) we had a great time and lunch at the Duke place. Perhaps the next time you can come along and be my navigator it be nice to meet up with some of the M3 folks. Julie was also there with her husband and perhaps others you know as well.

Pictures are here on Page 10 of this link ----> Click to Open

Originally Posted by schnell325 View Post
What ever the price, it will be soooo worth it!!!
Thanks Schnell325, you got that right, the wheel design has a special meaning to me.

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post

Definitely don't stop til you get the Alpina turbine-design rims Rolf! If the aforementioned dealership does not work out then be sure to call Calgary BMW and ask for Tara-Leigh, she knows her stuff and the team over there in sales can get it done I am sure. They have had various Alpina cars on the showroom floor so there is definitely a connection as not everyone gets these 'classy' cars.
I shall contact her as well, just in case her sources are better then out here in Ontario. Thank you BMW Fanatic

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I will go to the local parts dept & tell you the cost. Though while they have a few Alpina's on the floor, I'm not sure they sell these wheels.
Thanks Moxie for doing this I'll be very interested what you find out. I would assume based upon the published size that the wheels will fit nicely on my e92 M3. The full descripotion of the wheels and part numbers are:-


Saloon, Touring, Coupe, Convertible, xDrive incl. lockable wheel covers and Mobility Kit.

8 x 19" 225/35 ZR19 88Y (front)
9 x 19" 255/30 ZR19 91Y (rear)

I think the offset must be the same as my now 19" furnished OEM 220m Wheels.

Thanks again in advance for your help,

Cheers, Rolf-Dieter
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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