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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
They sure as hell did blow that!

I don't know I agree with your second point though; I don't see my local dealer discounting Cayennes heavily for the sake of competition. On the other hand, that is what ruled it out in my consideration before getting the X5. When I looked at what I got in the X5 for the same money vs. the Porsche, there really was no comparison. So they could have an issue there...not sure. Certainly the Porsche name is still a higher status symbol than BMW - at least in the US.
Porsche doesn't discount the Cayenne because it does sell well and their production numbers are much lower than anything else, so dealerships are allocated only a few at a time. Unlike say compare it to Cadillac when the recession hit i remember i was between a Cayenne a Rover Sport and an X5, and a Escallade. I remember the escallades were $15k off sticker. The Cayenne the dealer wouldn't budge, and the X5 BMW had 0.9 up to 60 months on a new car cuz sales were slow, and Landrover was able to give me $7k off sticker. I chose the rover in the end and was very happy with my decision but I remember the Porsche guy at the dealership was so annoying and arrogant and even called me once and said "well a porsche isn't for anyone", while i was trying to negotiate out a deal.