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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
I fully agree. It's amazing how many people really don't understand Boxster outside of it's the "low-model Porsche". I've gotten into so many arguments with friends, people online about the Boxster and how it's not just a lowly Porsche for the masses. Same with how people view some BMW's - you have to own the upper model of the series, if not why even bother. Like someone said above, it's just icing on the cake with all the rave reviews of the new Boxster chassis.
I have a 135i and a Cayman, so I know what great cars both companies make. The problem with the Z4 is they are trying to tick too many boxes, hence the whole doesn't quite work. The reason that Porsche makes the Boxster/Cayman twins is it is the only way to please sports cars enthusiasts overall. The Boxster is an incredible roadster, but those that don't want canvas overhead, and want the real driver's car then the Cayman is the only way to go, a fixed roof weighs less and adds structural rigidity. The Z4 is trying to accomplish both and ends up with a car that weighs too much, has a suspension that isn't quite sporty and handling that is lacking. As to steering feeling, unfortunately we are going to have to get used to that, even Porsche has gone electronic with the latest 911, Boxster and Cayman (next year). The only grace is that Porsche has dialed in the settings a bit better, but electronic power steering is never going to let you feel exactly what position those wheels are in (sigh)

I've driven the Z4 and the sad experience is that a Mazda Miata is more "fun", not as fast, you don't get the acceleration exhilaration, but tooling around the twisties is a riot. *(If I wanted a fun roadster at this point I would buy a boxster, if I couldn't afford that, then a Miata, A Z4 would be a distant 3rd and a TT at the bottom (I just can't get the feeling for an AWD sports car, even less so for a FWD one)