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Originally Posted by BeamMeUp View Post
first of all being 49 years old you should know what sarcasm is... at the end of message I did say "jks" if that abbreviation is to new school for you it means joking... and as far as working hard goes yes my father did buy it for me because I too have worked hard! it was a graduation gift for getting into medical school in new york city hence my license plate MEDUSA meaning MED USA... When i contacted you it was a friendly gesture to talk about our cars which I assumed these forums were about... I just hope one day I don't see you on my operating table ;-)
Your car is beautiful dude...
Love that interior!!!

i too, have worked hard my whole life when i got my first M at 27 but would have preferred if my dad had got it for me

Don’t pay attention to haters... some of the older people at work gave me a hard time but my answer was always "I've been if F'in school for 25 years!!! i took a major in college that was actually useful and made me work hard for all 4 years... same in Grad school... I am sorry you're pissed at your own life choices, but don't resent mine!!!.... also... your mom is fat!!!"

To be honest i "think" this more often "say" it... only because I see so many people that pissed/drank away their 20s and now upset in their early 30s because they have fuck-all to show from their last decade in this world…

Also you'll know it him in the OR coz he'll come to pre-op in an ///M baseball cap, ///M leather jacket, ///M t-shirt and ///M pants n shoes( not sure if last two exist )... not to mention... a BMW///M key ring on a BMW key FOB...

jks (hopefully you get it this time...but just in case ... I AM JOKING)

that said, i know you said that you are a soon to be minted MD and are excited about it (as you should be) but the MEDUSA too much IMO... the exception is, if you are a super-hot drug rep … in which case you can do what ever you want… it will always be prefect.

i know this is coming for someone with their own vanity plate (namely me, and NO its not my name) but not everyone knows what mine means is and this forum is evidence that people are too lazy to Google anything and even if they did would not figure it out... the anonymity help with moonlighting gig... AS A NINJA!!!

Anyways hope to see more shot of your car and hopefully see it at Mpact in Maryland...
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