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Cool Interested in a Laser Jammer? Laser Interceptor Group Buy

Hi Everyone,

For the first time in 4 years I have received my first speeding ticket. These past 4 years my Valentine One has protected me and given me a heads up for cops that are doing speed traps and trying to give tickets to oncoming cars. I knew that one day the detector wouldn't be able to help me because of how popular laser guns are becoming which are instant and once you get hit or the detector goes off it may be to late. That day has now come, I received no warning except for the bike cop being right behind me in my rear view mirror. Once I was pulled over he said he had hit me in the rear with his laser gun.

I have been doing some research to see which laser jammer has the best features on the market yet is still a reasonable price and has extremely good protection against those cop laser guns. I have come to the conclusion that I wish to purchase the Laser Interceptor jammer. While doing research I have found that they have had group buys on various forums in the past but all of those have ended now. I have emailed the manufacturer directly and they have given me a group buy price.

This is what they have told me:


LI BMW (Vertical Grill install) Dual GB Price is $500. Retail $579.00 (Saving $79)
LI Dual GB Price is $500. Retail $579.00 (Saving $79)
LI BMW (Vertical Grill install) Quad GB Price is $900. Retail $1079.00 (Saving $179)
LI Quad GB Price is $900. Retail $1079.00 (Saving $179)
LI Dual HP (High Power) GB Price is $900 Retail $1199.00 (Saving $299)
LI Quad HP (High Power) GB Price is $1700 Retail $2099.00 (Saving $399)
Free shipping

If you're trying to make sense of what version does what, see here:

Buyers can also Bundle any LI with anyone of of the following RADAR Detectors with a nice hefty discount. They will have to email me for prices as we are forbidden by my Distributors Agreement to post discount prices in public:

Beltronics STI-R Plus: Call
Beltronics Margnum: Call
Escort 9500ix: Call
Escort Redline: Call
Valentine One: $399.00

A few other things:

All units ship directly from and payments come directly to LI-USA. There is a limit of 2 units per person at the GB price. Once payment is received, LI-USA will ship their order immediately so no waiting for a certain number to be reached for the GB Pricing. Ground shipping is FREE within the USA. International, Canada etc, add $45.00 per device. To participate in the group buy, post on here that you are interested and I will PM you to get the relevant information. You will then receive an invoice in your email from Laser Interceptor directly. I'm in no way affiliated with LI-USA. Just a regular forum user that wants to get a good price on a laser jammer.

Pro's for the Laser Interceptor:

• Has a BMW specific version that can mount inside the front grills
• Has the best laser jamming protection as tested by the GuysofLidar(Independent testing group)
• Has a “kill switch” which means at the press of a button you can make the jammers into parking sensors so if the cops ask you can state that they are parking sensors.
• Has a high power version for those that want even more protection
• Works with both the Valentine One and Escort radar detectors

For an extra $35, LI also includes a "kill switch" that converts the LI into a parking sensor at the press of a button. To return it to jammer status you have to reprogram it. That way, if you get caught using it in a state where they're illegal, you can convert it to a parking sensor and they won't be able to make it jam laser. Pretty trick, imo.

The purpose of the optional PA/JAM Switch (PJSW) is for those who live in an area where LASER Jammers are not legal. In the unlikely event that you are stopped, you can disable the LI from being a Laser Jammer by placing the hidden optional PA/JAM Switch in PA mode before the officer pulls you over. When the officer asks if the LI is a Jammer, you can demonstrate the LI as only a Parking Sensor (PA) as well as the LI will not alert to LIDAR should he indeed shoot the LI with his LIDAR. After the officer has left, you can then move the PA/JAM Switch back to the JAM position and the LI is again ready to JAM the next LIDAR encounter.

The purpose of the optional Instant Kill Panic Switch (IKPSW) is to delete the Jamming Firmware COMPLETELY from the device so it will no longer detect or Jam LIDAR until you restore the Jamming Firmware via our Communicator program. This is designed for areas like Canada and The EU where possession of a Laser Jammer is a serious crime.

Here is a video I found of how a Laser Jammer works:

I'm personally interested in getting the BMW LI Quad with the vertical grill install since the cop hit me in the rear so I would want both front and rear protection. And since I'm in California, I will buy the kill switch as well turning them into parking sensors in case a cop stops me.

Those interested in the group buy:
1. Cooler2442 PAID
2. John Dempsey(1addicts)
3. (maybe) DJDeez (M3Post)
4. JefryHorizon (1addicts)
5. bbenj10 (M3post) PAID
6. torifile (E90post)
7. ledorkii (E90post) PAID
8. whostorm05 PAID
9. JerryK73 Paid
10.ZtoMSpey Paid
11. alexneil Paid

Install pictures:

Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
Here are some pics. I had to brighten the first pic because the sensors blend in so well they're practically invisible.


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