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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Do you mean upsetting the balance of the car if upshifting/downshifting mid-corner or with some steering input? S5/S6 upshifts on a straight shouldn't be an issue in terms of changing the balance of the car, but do you feel that S5/S6 downshifts negatively impact the car's balance under heavy braking even in a straight line? If so, that would imply that a well-done heel-toe downshift under braking in a manual transmission car is smoother than the rev-match of DCT.
I would use s6. I have driven a few m3's with DCT (granted the one i havedone the most laps in has 20 inch wheels on it which can affect the grip) but I Felt the downshifts were spot on in s6 mode. I would not think that the "more jerky" nature of the higher settings would affect the stability of the car on entry into a corner. The same goes for track out.