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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
It is one thing having one or two fast laps. The AMG's seem to be consistently fast throughout the race. Look at the first race Paffett and Green won by a 20 second gap over 3rd. This weekend if Paffett was able to overtake in the pits, I believe he would have drove away from Spengler. Paffett was right on his rear the entire race. The gap remained 1 second or less, but nowhere to pass. And Audi was having trouble getting temps into their tires all weekend, don't forget they had pole the first race. They just struggled with the cold weather.
True that the Mercedes-Benz AMG has more pace, but not by much. And to consider that even after two races, BMW is closely tailing the AMG teams in terms of points with a chassis older than AMG's is something weird but good for us. I've been an F1 fan for years and conclusions are not that easy. Sometimes things turn out against the strongest teams, so there's nothing certain in motor racing. But it's just the fact that BMW M3 cars are there, awaken, and ready to dominate.