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Very cool. Interesting, because I never ever drive my car in auto mode, not even for brief errands. I find that the tendency of the transmission to shift up to higher gears as soon as possible drives me nuts--you find yourself in 6th gear at 40mph, coasting to a stoplight. Based on your experience, I guess driving the car pretty hard would reset the drive logic to hold gears longer, at least temporarily, but it wouldn't last long before it switched back to a super-conservative, MPG-maximizing mode. I don't drive like a crazy person around town, but I strongly prefer the gear-holding of a regular manual transmission or DCT in manual. That way, whatever speed you happen to be at, you're always in the correct gear to accelerate away quickly if necessary--there's no waiting for a kickdown. I guess I have control issues.

Ironically, I would have gotten the 6-speed manual, but I knew I would be tracking this car whenever time allows, so I opted for DCT instead. I just don't have enough self-confidence at this point in my HPDE experience to bang off two perfect heel-toe downshifts in rapid succession coming from 125+ mph under threshold braking into turn 1.

Your S3 vs. S5 experience on track surprises me. Next time out, try S5 or even S6/DSC off on a dry track under the right conditions. I think you'll be blown away by how instantaneous and satisfying full-throttle upshifts are at the higher reaches of the rev band.