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Washing freshly painted area

Advices I've got so far are not to wash freshly painted area until 30/60/90 days later (the longer the better I suppose!?) But darn my OCD cannot live with that.

I have a newly painted spoiler which is already on the car, I plan to wash the car this coming weekend, by then the new paint will be on the spoiler for...2 or 3 days at most

Assuming I can have it washed (if not I would also like to know the reason behind it, I heard that the new paint needs to breath? It'd be wonderful if someone could elaborate on that), here is what I plan to do:

1. no polishing for sure

2. pressure washer rinse

3. foam cannon

4. hand wash mitt (gentle touch up on the spoiler especially)

5. pressure washer rinse

6. air blower dry

7. microfiber towel dry (again, will go easy on spoiler)

That's basically all, I am thinking about using quick wax spray but uncertain about how it will treat the new paint.

If there was any step not new-paint-friendly please let me know.

Or any opinion on revising my wash is welcomed as well Thanks!

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