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Originally Posted by Z4sd View Post
Why on earth would one purchase or lease the 35is starting at $60k+ with the above mentioned characteristics is beyond me.
It's actually considerably cheaper to lease a Z4 35i than even a regular Boxster.

I miss my old 986, but I'm not going to pay e93 M3 money for a Boxster.

The Z4 is a great cruiser you said it perfectly, while the boxster really is not.

But the Boxster is more fun to drive spiritedly.. yet it's still a damn soft-top
If the boxster had a hard top, I'd consider it even if it cost a bit more than a Z4..but a soft top is useless.

I've owned a couple difference verts for the past 4 years, and I will never own another soft top vert as my primary car.

Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
they do need to drop the front overhang and make the car less nose heavy....

And here's a great idea - SOFT TOP convertible - drop some fat; those soft tops are high quality these days.
I disagree.... too noisy, doesn't look as nice, older technology. only reason we got a SLK before the Z4 was the e85 was a soft top