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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
This chart shows the contribution by each to the total at the time, so its a bit confusing. Regardless, straight dollars don't matter, only percentages do. Reagan went from 1T to almost 3T, an increase of 186% (per my previously posted chart). Obama is currently at around half the percentage of W Bush, but again, that's mostly due to the ongoing Bush debts.
percentages are the only thing that matter? I havent question your credentials at anytime before now, but really? you do realize its our amount of debt and seeming disinterest in ever paying it back thats causing our problems....Basic Finance 101 type stuff. according to your interpretation of the chart, Reagan should have a 300% growth, alas he does not. Reason? because its a focus on Bush spending trying to play down Obamas knack for it. Its not relative to each other, its just about Bush apparently.

I dont agree with the spending Bush took part in (sheer amount) but then Obama seems to intend to show him up. It wasn't okay then at his rate, and over double the rate of Bush increases it certainly is far less then okay now.

I dont know what you do, or what you studied in school, but i gather it most certainly was not this....

Furthermore, any improvement in the economy is in spite of Obama and his policies and courtesy of the Fed, keeping interest rates down. The second politicians caught wind of the ideas behind TARP they ruined it, their own form of crony capitalism.

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