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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
he's already failed. Liberal left and the right agree on this!
- Why, because you say so? Wow, that's a strong argument, especially with your superlative track record. You do realize that polls say your statement is flat wrong, hmmm?

Check Rasmussen lately?

The economy is GREAT!
- I did not and would not make a stupid remark like that.

Don't run yourself down, you often make stupid statements just like that.
But I'm perpetually amazed at how you measure unemployment from his inauguration day, as if he had magic power to instantly make the recession stop. Unemployment peaked nine months after he took office, whereas it took Saint Ronald Reagan 3 years to get it to start coming down. And he did it by nearly tripling the debt. But you knew that, right?

Is there a date when nobama becomes responsible for something? Just askin'...

let America get this experiment over with.
- Gee, wonder what you mean by that?

Careful, your lib default value kinda blew up on you with your Gadsden flag ignorance and stupidity. But to keep it simple for simple guy, I think we are done with true left liberals

You know, nobama's wars are never-ending, his economy's completely stalled out, and the misery will continue unless he's turned out of office in January.
There, I fixed it for you.

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